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Opening delay for Prinsotel la Dorada to 1 August 2020

Communication for Prinsotel la Dorada customers, with an entry date prior to August 1.

      We are very sorry to inform you that, given the difficult circumstances, we are forced to delay the opening of PRINSOTEL LA DORADA until 01 August 2020

      We hoped to be able to open previously, but the volume of cancellations we are receiving is much higher than the number of new reservations, making the planned opening of 07/17/2020 unfeasible.

       We appreciate your support in these difficult times and we hope to finally be able to open PRINSOTEL LA DORADA on 01 August 2020.

The alternatives that we offer for the affected reservations are the following:


  1. Modify dates of stay from August 1
  2. Modify dates of stay for the next year 2021.
  3. Relocate at HOTEL Viva BLUE for the dates the hotel is closed.
  4. Relocate at HOTEL Viva BLUE for the entire stay.
  5. Cancel the reservation without costs.

 How to proceed:

 A) Reservations made on the official website of send an email to with the desired option.

 B) Reservations made through travel agencies or tour operators, contact your agency.

 C) Reservations made through intermediaries, online agencies, (example: Expedia, trivago, etc.) contact them to process the modification, relocation or cancellation.

 Thanks and kind regards.

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