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The Talayotic Menorca

Let your imagination run wild because today we come to propose a trip to the past. A stroll through Talayotic Menorca, an island of ancestral treasures that show us what that primitive civilization was like in comparison to present day Menorca. Ancient and imposing, it has stood the test of time and is still easily enjoyed today through the many routes and visits that the island offers.

Stone on stone, these are symbols that are found throughout the island in its different towns and coastal areas and represent history that we can always revisit thanks to the men who have taken great care of all this culture and tradition.

"Talayótica" is a name adapted from one of the most representative monuments of this culture in Menorca. It is actually called talayot ​​and refers to a tower-shaped figure made of calcareous stone, very similar to what would today be a watchtower, some of them circular or even apsidal that are part of the prehistory of the Balearic Islands.

Through the Menorca Talayotic list - promoted by the Island Council of Menorca -, they remind us that in just 700 km2 of island there are more than 1,500 sites, a legacy that fights to be recognized as World Heritage. To make all this even more valuable, during the year there are numerous events and special activities such as dance, theatre or guided tours.

For all those who don't know anything about the history, we recommend this video from Talayotic Menorca in which we tour the most symbolic sites and monuments from this civilization on the island.

Yes, a spectacle for the eyes and an endless range of possibilities for fans of history and archeology.

Discover the legacy of Menorca with Prinsotel

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