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  • Is there activities or entertainment?

    Yes, all the hotels Prinsotel offer entertainment and activities for all ages, night shows as well.
    Prinsotel Mal Pas does not offer any entertainment.
  • Is there cleaning service in the apartments?

    Yes, exactly as in our hotel rooms. Cleaning between 6 and 7 days a week and sheets change 2 times a week.
    *Think Green: If you do not require the scheduled sheet change, please inform our reception team.
  • Does the hotel provide pool/beach towels?

    Yes, it only requires a deposit, which it will return you on departure day.
  • Can I swim in the pool at night?

    No, due to the cleaning of the filters that are carried out at night.
  • Where can I change the pool towels?

    The lifeguard will gladly change for you at the pool site.
  • How does it work the payment method at the hotel bar or restaurant?

    Prinsotel hotels offer the CUSTOMER CARD, this is an easy and secure payment method, giving by 2 options:
    BY CREDIT,the payment of tickets of bar or restaurant will be paid on check-out, this option requires a credit card as a guarantee.
    BY CASH/DEBIT, which it can be loaded using either cash or debit card. Paying with e-Purse at bar or restaurants, you will get a ticket/receipt every time, where it will show the service charged and the remaining balance. This e-Purse can be loaded as many times as needed.
    The excess money into the e-Purse, will be refunded on check-out.
    * The CUSTOMER CARD does not contain any personal information,
  • What time can I check-in at reception desk?

    The hotel offers reception service 24 hours, then as soon as you arrive to the hotel, you are able check-in at the reception desk.
  • What time can I get access into the room or apartment?

    From 14:00 our guests are able to get access into the room or apartment. In case it is not ready, the reception team will kindly keep your luggage into the luggage room and you will start to enjoy all our facilities.
  • ​What time do I leave the room or apartment?

    It must leave the room or apartment before 12:00 o’clock.
  • Is there any place where my luggage can be kept after leaving the room or apartment?

    The reception team will kindly keep your luggage into the luggage room.
  • Can I stay longer enjoying the hotel facilities after leaving the room or apartment?

    The check-out must be done before 12:00 o’clock, but our guests can enjoy the hotel facilities until the departure.
  • Can I request Late-check-out Service on departure day?

    This has to be requested in advance at the reception desk, subjected to extra cost and hotel availability.
  • Are there courtesy showers available for those guests, who have left the room or apartment?

    Yes, there are courtesy showers at the hotel with towels.
  • Can I rent a car/bike or excursions at the hotel?

    Yes, the reception team will gladly inform you about services available for renting at the hotel.

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