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  • ​Is it possible to book a stay in Prinsotel through other ways?

    Yes but, we recommend that you read the booking terms and conditions, because may be different accommodation, services and conditions.
  • ​Is it safe to book via ?

    Yes , of Course : it is a website officially certified as safe, using european banking platform, there are no intermediaries.
  • ​can I buy half-board with drinks in the hotel?

    No, this option is exclusive for online reservations.
  • ​How can I book a stay at Prinsotel?

    The easiest, most economical and safe is official website.
  • Why is it better to book in ?

    Because there are no intermediaries, Because we assign the best rooms to direct reservations, Because you can book extras who have no other sites : like pool view, half board with drinks, transfers ..
  • Why do we need a credit or debit card to book?

    To guarantee the reservation, if you choose flexible rate payment at the hotel.
  • Can I book on arrival at the hotel breakfast or half board?

    Yes, but we recommend to do it in advance at the time you are booking , as prices might be a bit different on site.
  • can I book by phone?

    Yes, by calling +34 971706076 from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. We request the same data on the web and the price is also the same.
  • ​Do I get a receipt once the reservation?

    Yes, you will immediately receive an email with the booking confirmation.

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