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  • Is it safe to book through Prinsotel website?

    Yes, it is. Prinsotel website is a official and certified, it is offering safety transactions.
  • How can I book a stay though Prinsotel?

    The easiest and safest way is though the official website, always with the best rate. Check the availability choosing the hotel Prinsotel and dates of your holiday and number of guests. After that, confirm the reservation with 3 steps:
    1) Choose the room or apartment
    2) Choose the basis meal
    3) Confirm the stay with your details.
  • Why is it better to book though

    Because we manage the reservation directly with you, no intermediaries. Exclusive offers are published on our website only.
  • Why do we need a credit or debit card to book?

    It is only required to validate/guarantee your reservation.
  • ​Can I book by phone?

    Yes, we are available Monday – Friday from 10:00 am until 02:00 pm at +34 971 706 076. It requires the same information as on the website.
  • ​Once the reservation is done, do I get a confirmation?

    Yes, after confirming the reservation with your debit/credit card, you will receive shortly the booking confirmation by email.
  • Can I make a request for my room/stay?

    In case you wish to make a petition for your stay or room, please contact with The petitions cannot be confirmed due hotel availability, despite of this we always take the preferences of our guests into account.
  • Is it possible to book a stay at Prinsotel through other ways?

    Yes, but we always recommend to read the terms and conditions of the booking, it may be difference.
  • ​Can I book Breakfast or Halfboard on arrival?

    Yes, booking the meals in advance is much recommended, due prices can slightly increase on site.
  • Can I modify my reservation?

    In case the reservation is made directly from Prinsotel Website, it can be modified attaching your booking ID by email to or also calling to +34 971 706 076.
    Concerning to the modifications, new rates are available at the time of the change will be applied, wether they are higher or lower.

    If the reservation was made from online agency (such as, Check24…etc) or travel agency. Please contact directly with them in order to arrange the modification.
  • Can I cancel my reservation?

    If the reservation was made from Prinsotel Website, according to our terms and conditions, the reservation can be cancelled for free until 3 days prior the arrival. Otherwise it will charge 100% of the reservation as cancellation fee. Please contact us by email to or calling to +34 971 706 076.
    For reservations made from online agencies or travel agency, please contact directly with them.

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