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Privacy policy & Cookies

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At Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments your privacy and personal data are important to us and we will make every effort, in accordance with the legislation in place, to guarantee your protection and ability to exercise your rights.

The following conditions apply to the services of Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments and its hotel establishments. To exercise rights in relation to establishments under the company's indirect management, direct contact should be made with the establishment in question. However, in cases where an inadequate response is received, we will offer our help to resolve any differences, provided that the establishment continues to maintain a relationship with Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments.

Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments, as a brand which includes different companies (see...),

Prinsotel la Dorada : Dirección: Carretera Alcudia-Arta Km 5.500  CP:07458  Playa de Muro, Mallorca.
Sociedad: Apartamentos Zenith, S.A. N.I.F. nº: A-07-123.441
Domicilio fiscal:Calle del Ter, nº 27, bajos - 07009 PALMA (Illes Balears)

Prinsotel Alba: Conillera s/n CP:07660 Cala d'Or, Mallorca
Sociedad: Prinz Hoteles, S.A. N.I.F. nº: A-07-190.309
Domicilio fiscal:Calle del Ter, nº 27, bajos - 07009 PALMA (Illes Balears)

Prinsotel La Pineda : Castellets 72 CP:07590 Cala Ratjada, Mallorca
Sociedad: Prinz Hoteles, S.A. N.I.F. nº: A-07-190.309
Domicilio fiscal: Calle del Ter, nº 27, 1ºB. 07009 Palma

Prinsotel Mal Pas : Cami Vell Victoria 1 CP:07409 Alcudia, Mallorca
Sociedad: Hotel Mal Pas, S.L. N.I.F. nº: B-07.754.781
Domicilio fiscal: Camí Vell de la Victòria, 1. 07409 Mal Pas, Mallorca

Prinsotel la Caleta : C/ Signe Lleo s/n CP: 07769 Ciutadella, Menorca
Sociedad: Caleta Club SA , S.L. N.I.F. nº: A07190291
Domicilio fiscal: Calle del Ter, nº 27, 1ºB. 07009 Palma

has centralized the management of the various aspects related to privacy and the protection of personal data with a single entity responsible for data control. The company in charge of data control is:

PRINZ HOTELES S.A. ; (Id:07190309)
Calle del Ter, 27 
07009 Palma de Mallorca
Islas Baleares- Spain

(Privacy and Security Dept.)

If after reading these conditions you have any doubts regarding them or the privacy of your personal data, please send an email to or a letter to the address above.

This policy may be updated according to regulatory and legislative modifications in the various countries in which we provide our services, as well as with a view to improving our service.


In accordance with the provisions of the laws in the countries in which we operate, we would like to inform users of this website, as well as any people who have provided personal information to any company associated with the Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments brand, or to other services which we offer directly or indirectly, that this personal data is processed for the purposes of providing the services you have selected. Under no circumstances will your data be passed on to other companies for any other purpose without you being duly informed. The data you provide to us will be included in various files and appropriately registered in countries where this is a requirement.

A.- Files and purposes of the collection and processing of personal data

The purpose of the collection and processing of personal data provided by users through this website, in our establishments, central services or through indirectly associated third parties for the compliance of our obligations is as follows:

A.1) In relation to our Customers

A.2) Others related to the processing of personal data within the companies of Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments.

B.- Data collected

In most cases, this will correspond to identification details: first name, last name, address, telephone number, email address, data for processing payments or other specific information depending on the file and purpose.

C.- Security measures

Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments is pleased to inform its customers that it has adopted the required technical and organizational measures set forth in the regulatory framework which guarantee the security of personal data and prevent its unauthorized modification, loss, processing or access, taking into account the condition of the technology, nature of the data stored and the risks to which they are exposed. All of this is in accordance with the minimum provisions set forth in the various legislations of the countries in which Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments has a presence.

D.- Consent of the user

For the processing and transfer of personal data by providing their details to PRINZ HOTELES S.A. or to any company associated to Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments, the users indicate their express acceptance of these conditions and regulations of use, granting unequivocal consent for the processing of their personal data according to the purposes set forth herein. They also accept that their data may be transferred to relevant entities for fulfillment of the obligations pursuant to the service requested, exclusively for the reserved purposes, and guaranteeing they will not under any other circumstances be transferred to third parties for any other purpose, without the additional consent of the owner. By legal obligation and to ensure collaboration with the Authorities, the data may be provided to public bodies which require it. In these cases, it is specified that the minimum information required will be provided for the corresponding legal compliance, protecting the rest of the data with the utmost rigour.

E.- Sensitive or high level data

In the event that Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments needs to collect sensitive information to fulfill its obligations, such as health-related information, the company agrees to apply additional security measures in relation to the same.

F.- Exceptions to the authorization for data processing

To meet our obligations to you, as well as those legally provided for, it is not required to have your express consent in the transfer of data, however this website offers you information on all aspects which may affect you, and your ability to exercise your rights.

G.- Right to access, correction, opposition, cancellation and withdrawal of the consent granted for data use

The owner may exercise their rights to access, correction, cancellation and opposition, as well as withdraw their registration for the services of Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments and the establishments it manages directly. In addition, users may, at any time, withdraw the consent they have granted for the processing of their data, without the right to apply retroactive withdrawal. Links to standard forms for exercising rights (in Spanish):

Right to access

Right to cancellation

Right to opposition

Right to correction

Publicity opt-out

Rights may be exercised by standard post:
Calle del Ter, 27 (Prinsotel Centre)
07009 Palma de Mallorca
Islas Baleares- SPAIN
Privacy and Security Dept.

Or by email to the address

H.- Relating to employment and specific to CVs.

By completing an employment request, sending or submitting a CV to any company related to Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments , the candidate does so to the companies of the Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments group in the country in question, as well as to the head office of Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments, through the company PRINZ HOTELES S.A. for the purposes of candidate assessment. Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments complies with the applicable legal regulations on data protection and puts in place security measures and procedures for this purpose, taking into account the condition of the technology. This is in accordance with the provisions of the laws of the various countries. According to the provisions, candidates are informed that the personal data provided, including CV information, will be included in a file registered with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, the owner of which is PRINZ HOTELES S.A. Any data provided or submitted is collected by Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments for the purposes of managing its selection database. Each owner gives their acceptance and authorization for the processing of the personal data provided to our HR selection database, as well as the unequivocal processing or transfer of information for the purposes explicitly stated to all companies of the Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments group. The owner of the same may withdraw the consent granted at any time, without the right to apply retroactive withdrawal. Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments informs owners that they may exercise their rights to access, correction, cancellation and opposition, by notification in writing to the PRINZ HOTELES S.A. personal data controller.

I.- Relating to bookings or subscriptions made on the website

In bookings for services made on this website, any personal data provided will become part of PRINZ HOTELES S.A. and of the marketing company for the hotel, details of which will appear on the voucher, proforma invoice or bill attached (if the booking is not made or confirmed, data will not be retained except that required for strict security purposes, to ensure successful operation of the electronic business). In the case of subscription to newsletters, news bulletins or similar on our website, your data will become part of PRINZ HOTELES S.A. In accordance with the regulations in place, the information may be transferred to national or international third party companies directly related to the provision of the service for which we have been hired, as well as to local or international data controllers which comply with European Union directives.

J.- Information on minors

Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments will not try to obtain information directly from minors, although we are not always able to determine the age of those who access our website. In any case, when this is detected on both the website and in our establishments, authorization from the parents or legal guardians of the same will be required.


A.- Sending information by email

Personal data processing, as well as sending marketing communications by electronic means, are performed in accordance with the laws relating to electronic commerce and the internet as well as international best practices and standards, based on the general rules of the European directives on privacy. Our promotional and advertising communications for our hotels and services must always contain an e-mail address for unsubscribing from the service , through a web link included on the email, or through the e-mail from which it has been sent, enabling the user to unsubscribe their address, in case of any anomaly , please proceed to contact with the e-mail

B.- Cookies & Device Identification

The Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments websites use cookies as a technology that allow store small encrypted plain texts on the user computer or device (Smartphone, tablet, smart TV,...) through which the user has accessed, they are available on your hard disk or storage system, these can be created when you´re browsing in a particular website (also with your email application, accessing content through Adobe Flash player and others), these application can be configured by your to allow or not receive or access to these information (manage your cookies)

If you access or use our website you allow the use of cookies by Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments, as well third parties offering advertising services, although on this page you have the tools to setup properly.

B.1 Types of cookies used by Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments.

In Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments websites we use different types of cookies, some of them are strictly necessary to provide your our services on the web and assure different secure related aspect (the best example is that technology is necessary to make a booking with us). Additionally we have functionality & performance cookies that allow fit your needs and usage as well improves the performance in your visit for a satisfactory experience, being non-intrusive.

At Prinsotel we use cookies for the following cases:

-Make web bookings.

-Website usability & functionality (remember your preferences which pages has been browsed,...)

-For statistical purposes not storing individual information.

-Improved performance (identifying time to reach you with the information)

-In order to identify the user, if you respond an electronic campaign, provide the offers indicated therein.

-If you´re a repeat visitor save previously searches performed to make easier the navigation, or other related to the same aim.

B.2 Third party advertising cookies.

We use third party advertising technology designed to provide advertisements on our web site or third parties associated websites. This technology information about your visits in our sites and other where we advertise to offer the advertising tailors to your needs. The information is fully dissociated, no personal information could be obtained through this method, Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments does not collect this information in other systems, and information is exclusively localized on your computer or device.

Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments, suppliers or third party partners do not use cookies to collect personal information, except that which you provide and authorize in a voluntary basis.

You can configure your application to receive or not such cookies, see section Manage your cookies for yours preferences. This allows you, through your application, accept or reject the cookies you receive when connecting to a particular website.

Third party cookies which may be found on our sites:

- Adobe Digital Marketing (Omniture)

- DoubleClickFloodlight

- Google AdWordsConversion

- Google Analytics

- MarinSearchMarketer

- MediaMind - Quisma

B.3 Manage your cookies.

You can view, delete or manage cookies that you have in your device as well block Prinsotel cookies or third related, or any other website. With your browsers can allow cookies from web visited or block from third party advertising cookies, give your permission to incorporate this information.

The following links offer information about how can you configure your browser:

Firefox & Thunderbird

Internet Explorer

Google Chrome



Please be aware that by not allow certain cookies may affect the operation and service offered by our web.

This is done through your browser settings or application that uses cookies.

You can visit or that contains very comprehensive information and capabilities you have to manage them depending on application and device used.

To manage advertising cookies sites like allow you to manage your preferences by generally leading providers of advertising services.

B.4. Third parties embedded content in our pages.

Prinsotel use content such as photos and videos from sites like YouTube and Flickr , when you access these services can have cookies for these sites . In these cases Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments cannot control the dissemination of the same, go to Privacy and cookies policy of these third-party websites to manage or for further information.

C.- Web Beacons & Pixel Tags

Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments and their data processors can use web beacons and pixel tags in e-mails and HTML pages. These systems are not used to collect personal data, except those that you give to us when you make transactions on Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments. These mechanisms are used to determine if you have visualized the email or the page and of thus able to track statistical information that is acceded. Don´t have any effect if you proceed to disable cookies in your browser or email application.

D. - Other information that we obtain.

In order to provide a more enjoyable experience in our electronic communication with you and in a safer way we collect information such as:

Information of IP, language, browser, others connection related or method/application access, to determine if it can receive information in format HTML and that non-personal information provided by the application that accesses.

Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments informs that it will register information regarding connections established by the Web or by e-mail in order to manage incidences, to improve site performance, our service and security management.

Palma de Mallorca March 6th 2014 , Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments

This Privacy Policy for Prinsotel Hoteles Prinz Hoteles S.A. (Nif:07190309) web site is valid as of 30 July 2007.

In order to give you a better service Prinsotel uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.OK