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Prices and best Tariffs

  • ​Can I find cheaper rates on other sites?

    It is possible, but strange , probably  may have other conditions , room types or  services. In any case , send a screenshot of the last step of the reservation via email to  so that it can be justify or otherwise improved providing you an alternative.
  • ​Why prices are cheaper than elsewhere?

    Because they are direct without intermediary.
  • ​Why do I have to give credit card if I want to book flexible tariff and pay the fee at the hotel?

    Data is to verify and guarantee your reservation. No charges will be done until arrival date.
  • ​What is a non-refundable tariff?

    It means that once reserved can not be changed or canceled.

    Payment shall be the day of booking and is much cheaper.

    Exceptionally cases of force majeure may be considered justified modification of reservations only the ones that have been made exclusively on the official website

    Any reservation made on another site or agency, does not mean this exception.

  • ​ What means flexible tariff?

    The one that you can modify or cancel reservation up to 2 days before arrival, without any cost or penalty. The payment of this fee is made at the hotel.

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