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Stay at Prinsotel Mal Pas ****

Platja de Sant Pere (Sant Pere sandy beach) is situated at 3,5 kilometres from Alcúdia, between Marina de Bonaire "Cocodrilo" and the village of Mal Pas. This beach together with Sant Joan are the only sandy areas of this rocky coastal stretch of Alcúdia. Young people jump from the different platforms in the areas where there is no sand, located between the marina and Punta de Manresa, where Castell (Castle) de Manresa rises, which used to defend the bay of Pollença and which was sold in the 19th century for less than 30 euros.

This sandy area surrounded by rocks is white and fine-grained and there are some residential buildings on the coastline that have reduced the system of dunes, although the surrounding vegetation still fixes this substract with thistles, pine trees and others.

This coastal area is not recommended for anchoring boats because it is very low. There are some buoys situated at two hectometres from the coastline to indicate the bathing area and there the depth is about four metres. The nearest port facilities are located at Marina de Bonaire, "Cocodrilo", at 0,4 nautical miles.

The accessibility by car is easy following the signs until the village of Mal Pas that leads until the beach. The private car can be left on a free parking area in the surroundings. These characteristics explain that the beach is one of the most popular areas for the people coming from the residential and touristic villages nearby.

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