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Kite surfing in the Mediterranean

The holidays are the perfect time to unleash your desires, to take on every project and to discover and enjoy life without limits. It is the ideal time to let yourself go and to dedicate time to all those things that everyday routines and work keeps us from doing. Go for a walk without a time obligation, enjoy a gourmet meal with friends, spend the whole day at the beach, playing with your children, reading, practice a sport... and, why not, learn and enjoy new adventures!

For 2016, at Prinsotel, we propose that you dive into a completely different and exciting way to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea. During your holidays in Majorca, take the opportunity to learn how to kite surf and fly over the waves like a water bird. In the area of ​​our hotels in Alcudia and Playa de Muro, you will find one of the best spots in Majorca to practice this fun variation of surfing where, in addition to handling a board over the sea, you will have to maneuver a kite to achieve high speeds along the coast, without the need of going deep into the sea.

Kite surf is one of the most popular sports in the north of Majorca. Close to our hotels in Playa de Muro and Alcudia, you find several schools that offer intensive classes for holidaymakers who only have one week of holidays to learn and enjoy the sport. They are practical classes from the start and they provide all the necessary equipment to get you kite surfing.

Prinsotel Mal Pas

Firstly, you will work on dominating the sail, which is the key element in this sport, as it enables you to gather impulse and drive you above the waves. Contrary to surf, the advantage of kite surf is that you can practice it without the need of large waves. You only need a minimum of wind (which is almost completely guaranteed in the Mediterranean) to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. The board is very easy to control, and that is why you will be able to surf like an expert after a couple of days and sail the Mediterranean coasts.

Come and enjoy kite surfing in Majorca with Prinsotel. We are waiting for you!

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