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How to make a mallorquin senalla

You see them every summer and you may even have a few. Mallorcan senallas have circled the world as one of the most chic summer accessories. Every year they appear again, to take things to and from the beach, to go shopping with or even as a bag to accopany a casual look at a day event.

The senallas bring a natural freshness and something that can not be seen with the naked eye: they preserve the history of an art still practiced by many grandmothers in Mallorca. Basketry is a ritual passed down from generation to generation and although, alas, much has been lost, it is still evident in many houses on the island.

In the commercial areas of towns such as Inca, Sineu or even in the centre of Palma you can find shops dedicated exclusively to these products made by hand with wicker and craft fabrics typical of Mallorca.

In the video that follows Antonietta Paradiso, you can see some women who are weaving them with that rhythm that the grandmothers have as they sit in the fresh streets around town.

There are many types of senalla. The traditional one has short handles on both sides but the most comfortable to carry day to day have the long leather handles with a Mallorcan fabric fastener and zipper or brooch. If you come to spend your summer holiday on Mallorca, do not hesitate to buy one: it will be one of the most useful memories from the island.

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