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Rooms & Apartments

  • How many people can be accommodated in an apartment?

    The maximum occupancy of the apartments for 2020 in Prinsotel Alba, Prinsotel La Caleta, Prinsotel La Dorada and Prinsotel La Pineda will be 3 adults + 1 children (up to 12 years old) + 1 baby.
  • How many people can be accommodated in a double/twin room?

    The maximum occupancy of the rooms for 2020 in Prinsotel Mal Pas and Prinsotel La Caleta; will be 2 adults (up to 12 years); Prinsotel La Pineda will be 2 adults.
  • Is there any room or apartment adapted for disabled people?

    Only Prinsotel La Dorada has totally adapted apartments for people with reduced mobility or with wheelchair. Moreover, all hotel facilities are designed barrier free.
  • How many rooms got the apartments?

     1 bedroom and 1 living room.
  • How are the beds?

    Twin beds is the bedrooms.
  • Is the room safe included in the room?

     No, you have to rent at reception.
  • Have all the rooms and apartments air conditioning?

    Yes, all of them
  • Are in the apartments kitchen and cooking utensils?

    Yes, they are fully equipped.
  • Do the rooms have remote control for tv?

    Yes, you will find it in your room or apartment.
  • Are inside the apartments sheets , towels and amenities?

    Yes, they have the same facilities as the hotel rooms. 
  • Do the rooms have satellite TV with international channels?

    Yes, there are up to 10 international channels.
  • Are there any costs for cribs and baby highchairs?

    Cradles and highchairs are free of charge, if you want to use them you can mention them in your reservation or ask for them at the reception desk once you have stayed at the hotel.

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