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  • ​What's for breakfast?

    The breakfast is a full buffet style.
  • Can we have breakfast before or after the time of opening or closing of the restaurant?

    Yes, informing and booking the day before at the reception.
  • ​Can we order a cake or something special for a celebration?

    Yes, book at the maitre  or reception.
  • ​Is it possible to dinner a la carte?

    Yes, in Prinsotel La Dorada.
  • Is there a special diet for celiac?

    Yes, notify the front desk or hotel maitre as soon as possible.
  • ​Can we change the half-board dinner for lunch?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible.
  • ​Can I buy half-board with drinks included?

    Yes, this option is available for online bookings in all our hotels.
  • ​What comes with half board?

    Breakfast and dinner.
  • What does half board with drinks offers?

    Like the half-board but including water, soft drinks, beer or house wine during the dinner. The limit of drinks is not set, but is understood to be responsible consumption.
  • Does the hotel provide lunch?

    Yes, snacks a la carte, plus daily specials.
  • Does it cost anything extra the special food?

     No, none.
  • ​Do you have baby food?

    Yes, and it is free if you are on Half Board. Simply tell us the day before you want to kind of mash. Options: meat, vegetables and fish.
Rooms & Apartments
  • We are 5 people, Is it possible to stay in one apartment?

    The maximum is 4 people , so it's not possible to accomodate 5 persons, even if the fifth person is a baby.
  • How many rooms got the apartments?

     1 bedroom and 1 living room.
  • How are the beds?

    Twin beds is the bedrooms.
  • Is the room safe included in the room?

     No, you have to rent at reception.
  • Have all the rooms and apartments air conditioning?

    Yes, all of them
  • Are in the apartments kitchen and cooking utensils?

    Yes, they are fully equipped.
  • Do the rooms have remote control for tv?

    Yes, you will find it in your room or apartment.
  • Are inside the apartments sheets , towels and amenities?

    Yes, they have the same facilities as the hotel rooms. 
  • Do the rooms have satellite TV with international channels?

    Yes, there are up to 10 international channels.
Rooms & Apartments "Select"
  • What extras include select?

    Better Amenities, bathrobe, slippers, minibar plenty on arrival with 2 still waters, 2 sparkling waters , 2 Coke, 2 beers, 1 lemon, 1 orange, PlayStation, kitchen amenities, ironing kit, TV plasma 32" (2 TV in Apartments, one in Bedroom and one in living room) ; pool towels...etc.
  • Are the select rooms and apartments larger in size than the rest?

    Not in size, but they have more amenities.
  • Can we reserve sunbeds at the pool?

    It is not allowed. But you can use them for free during all your stay.
  • Is it easy to park near the hotel?

    Yes, front or along streets near the hotel, plenty of parking at no cost.
  • Is there a supermarket on site or nearby?

     Yes, in all our hotels within 50 meters.
  • Is someone at the front desk of all Prinsotel hotels during the night time?

    Yes, happy to assist you 24 hours.
  • ​Is there a playground with swings?

    Yes, even a kid´s club. (no miniclub in Prinsotel Mal Pas)
  • Are there pools for children?

    Yes, in all our hotels, specially designed for them.
  • Are the pools with salt water?

    No, all of them are with fresh water.
  • Is it possible to reserve sunbeds on the beach?

    These sunbeds can only be rented directly on the beach, they  don't belong to Prinsotel.
Prices and best Tariffs
  • ​Can I find cheaper rates on other sites?

    It is possible, but strange , probably  may have other conditions , room types or  services. In any case , send a screenshot of the last step of the reservation via email to  so that it can be justify or otherwise improved providing you an alternative.
  • ​Why prices are cheaper than elsewhere?

    Because they are direct without intermediary.
  • ​Why do I have to give credit card if I want to book flexible tariff and pay the fee at the hotel?

    Data is to verify and guarantee your reservation. No charges will be done until arrival date.
  • ​What is a non-refundable tariff?

    It means that once reserved can not be changed or canceled.

    Payment shall be the day of booking and is much cheaper.

    Exceptionally cases of force majeure may be considered justified modification of reservations only the ones that have been made exclusively on the official website

    Any reservation made on another site or agency, does not mean this exception.

  • ​ What means flexible tariff?

    The one that you can modify or cancel reservation up to 2 days before arrival, without any cost or penalty. The payment of this fee is made at the hotel.
  • ​Is it possible to book a stay in Prinsotel through other ways?

    Yes but, we recommend that you read the booking terms and conditions, because may be different accommodation, services and conditions.
  • ​Is it safe to book via ?

    Yes , of Course : it is a website officially certified as safe, using european banking platform, there are no intermediaries.
  • ​can I buy half-board with drinks in the hotel?

    No, this option is exclusive for online reservations.
  • ​How can I book a stay at Prinsotel?

    The easiest, most economical and safe is official website.
  • Why is it better to book in ?

    Because there are no intermediaries, Because we assign the best rooms to direct reservations, Because you can book extras who have no other sites : like pool view, half board with drinks, transfers ..
  • Why do we need a credit or debit card to book?

    To guarantee the reservation, if you choose flexible rate payment at the hotel.
  • Can I book on arrival at the hotel breakfast or half board?

    Yes, but we recommend to do it in advance at the time you are booking , as prices might be a bit different on site.
  • can I book by phone?

    Yes, by calling +34 971706076 from Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m to 2 p.m and 3 p.m to 6 p.m, Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. We request the same data on the web and the price is also the same.
  • ​Do I get a receipt once the reservation?

    Yes, you will immediately receive an email with the booking confirmation.
  • Is there any cleaning day in the apartments?

    Yes, exactly as in our hotel rooms. Cleaning between 6 and 7 days a week and sheets change 2 times a week.
  • ​Do you provide towels for beach and swimming pool?

    Yes, with a small deposit at no cost.
  • ¿Can we get into the hotel bar or restaurant without paying each time?

    Yes, the reception can arrange the credit option.
  • ​When do we have to leave the room the departure day?

    At  11 a.m
  • ​Is there a luggage room?

    Yes, we provide space to leave the luggage on the departure day to still enjoying  the last hours of your stay.
  • ​Is it possible to keep the room until later on departure day?

    Yes, by reserving  only and exclusively online at the official website at the same time of the room booking, alternative  the same day of departure by asking at reception if were available.
  • Is there entertainment for children?

    Yes, in all hotels and all ages up to 14 years as well as for adults. (Prinsotel Mal Pas excluded).
  • Is there a chance of showers once we have left the room?

    Yes a courtesy showers will be offered if they are available.
  • Should we have towels, once we have left the room?

    Yes if you ask at reception.
  • Can we go swimming at night in the pool?

     No, then do cleaning of filters and water with delicate products.
  • ​Can we change the towels in pool?

     Yes, the lifeguard will change them for you.
  • Can you make the room at a certain time?

    Yes, tell reception and try to accommodate your request.


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