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Early Check- in into your hotel room

In Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments we have coordinated a plan to offer early entry to the room on the day of arrival at the Hotel.

As most customers know, the entrance to the room is at 14:00 hours, as the usual delivery time once the team responsible for the cleaning and conditioning of the room, just finish their work. That is why Prinsotel creates a new service to solve the guests, who are planning an early arrival at the hotel, and in order to avoid long waits, minimize fatigue and enjoy holidays from the moment of arrival, we have focused on family and couples who wants travel with comfort.

This service is only available for online booking on the official website with a very limited number of rooms and room types.

¿What offers the early check in service?

It offers the possibility to entry in your room or apartment from 10:30 h on the arrival day.

¿How I can book the early entry to the room?

You can only book on the official website at the time of selecting the room type, will appears as an extra service in the selected room.

¿Does it have any cost?

Being able to offer this service according with the Prinsotel quality, it will be find the cost reflected at the time of booking.

We hope that these value added services that are offered exclusively on the official website of Prinsotel , such as: fill the fridge on arrival , late check-out, pool view , and now , the early check- in as well as others at the time of the reservation, do gives you even more comfortable and pleasant stay with us , we are happy to provide the demands that you request .

Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments, ¡You choose, you enjoy!

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