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The classic stuffed Mallorcan ensaimada recipe


It is the most international dessert from the Mediterranean: the ensaimada from Mallorca has crossed borders and traveled to all corners of the world. Appreciated for its delicate flavour and delicious texture, it is an authentic symbol of the island, an exquisite way of knowing the traditions from this region where gastronomy and history come together in the kitchen.

Today we invite you to learn about the traditional way of making an ensaimada stuffed with cabello de ángel (tinned pumpkin jam). There are different types of ensaimadas, from the simplest, known as ensaimada "lisa" because it has no filling, to the most innovative and appetising nutella ensaimada, which is often preferred by the little ones.

The ensaimada full of cabello de ángel is a classic and its preparation is simple. It only requires a little skill in the kitchen and following the measurements in this recipe:

➢Flour 500 gr

➢Sugar 90 gr

➢Salt 4 gr

➢Cold water 235 ml

➢Small eggs 2

➢Yeast 20 gr

➢Cabello de ángel


**The lard is an essential component and in fact, is what gives it the name ensaimada as in Mallorcan lard is called "saïm". To see the whole process of making this unique pastry, check out the following step by step video.

At Prinsotel, we always take care with the food for our guests and we believe that the local cuisine is not only as an important part of the experience at a destination but also as a way to spread the culture and traditions of Mallorca. Therefore, we want you to enjoy the best ensaimadas on the island during your next holiday to our hotels and apartments on Mallorca and Menorca.

Savour and enjoy your holidays to the fullest with Prinsotel.

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