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Minorca’s San Juan with Prinsotel


The Festivities of Minorca are celebrated every year on the 23rd and 24th of June: San Juan, the most important celebration combining the tradition and culture of the island, that brings thousands of people to Ciudadela ready to enjoy two days of endless fun and nature. The hotel Chain Prinsotel has a special accommodation offer next to Ciudadella, designed to house entire families and groups who want to know more about the most famous Balearic festivity: The Villas Minorca.

Villas Menorca. Cala Galdana

Villas Menorca. Cala Galdana

Prinsotel’s Minorca Villas are spacious villas with 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, can accommodate 10 people and have private parking for 2-3 cars. Its design is modern, with a flair of traditional architecture and designed to enjoy Minorca in a group, from the privacy and quietness of an apartment next to Cala Galdana, close to Ciudadela.

Hotel Prinsotel La Caleta. Cala Santandria

The festivities of San Juan have been celebrated in Ciudadella since the XIV century, and the main actors are horses, a symbol of power and nobility and of unique beauty. During the holidays, the best examples of Minorcan horses roam the streets of the town with their riders all dressed up, showing their skills and elegance.

The show at the Ciudadela is magical: all horses dance to traditional songs of Minorca in what is called the jaleo. During this exhibition, horses are guided by horse riders and surrounded by thousands of onlookers, concentrated despite the camera flashes, the hustle and ambience typical of the celebrations.

Once this equestrian exhibition is over, people focus on the second main protagonist of the holidays: the Minorcan gastronomy and xoriguer gin, a sweet gin typical of the island that is usually mixed with natural juice lemon and is called pomada.

The festivities of San Juan last all day and night, the village houses are open for visitors to share a glass of gin with the owners, and the whole atmosphere is one of joy, tradition and authenticity.

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