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Ice cream made in Mallorca


Surely you have heard that Mediterranean diet is the best for your health. And it is true: the cuisine from the countries and regions bathed by this sea combines minerals, proteins, vitamins and nutritional supplements that in general take care of you in a natural way while the palate enjoys a delicious cuisine. That is why, in addition to rich salads, stews, pastas and pastries, its gastronomy includes delicious desserts such as its artisanal ice cream. Don't feel bad about overindulging in these delicious artisan desserts.

Ice creams? In Mallorca? Yes, with this Mediterranean heat, as in Italy, Mallorca is a land where ice cream has been prepared by hand since as long as you can remember. Formerly, it was a festive occasion to see the ice-cream maker walking the streets advertising the coolness of a glass of ice cream.

It was even more astonishing to see him in the southern towns like Campos or the beautiful square of Santanyí, under the heavy heat of July and August, with its instruments and vessels from which he extracted exquisite ice creams. By then, the flavors were not half as varied as now and the most common was the almond, since the island is one of the great producers of this nutritious and healthy nut.

The children of Mallorca grew up so healthy, eating ice-cream cones filled with almond ice cream made by hand, back when there was no ADSL or mobile data. When things like Whatsapp didnt consume our time.

Nowadays, that tradition that created smiles throughout all the towns of Mallorca, from north to south, is maintained with much fervor. The ice cream shops on the island take care of their production always working with natural product grown on the island. For example, the ice cream of Sóller - that are of the most famous - are made from the delicious citruses that are obtained in that valley. The same fruit trees from which you also get delicious oranges and lemons for your homemade jams.

All over Mallorca you will find stalls selling these delicacies in pots manufactured on the island. In Palma, the capital, there are also specific ice cream shops that only work with artisan products of the island, and there are cafes that have become famous for offering their ice cream even in winter, such as the iconic Can Joan de S'Aigo.

And for dessert, Mallorca with Prinsotel!

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