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Oh, Carnival, Carnival ...


This year we’ll hope and pray that the carnival will arrive on February 26th. With a few days before and some later, the color, the laughter and the uproar will take over the Mallorcan and Menorcan streets with the so-called rúas and ruetas (a parade of disguises and fancy dress only for the little ones), which is how the carnival is celebrated in the Balearic Islands.

So that nobody is confused, the fiesta of Don Carnal in Mallorca and Menorca or Ibiza has nothing to do with the great spree that is put on at this time in other holiday destinations like the Canary Islands or Cadiz. However, every year there are more people who prefer the tranquility of the picturesque Balearic carnival and they forget about the bustle of the crowds that signal the approach of these days in Tenerife or Tacita de Plata.

The carnival in Mallorca focuses mainly on a major parade that is usually organized the weekend closest to Carnival Tuesday (which this year will be the last weekend in February). In Palma, the capital is called Sa Rua and it usually consists of more than twenty floats and costumes and disguises that are so professional and surprising that sometimes it is really difficult to choose who is the winner.

Participants in Sa Rua work as a team throughout the year to prepare completely new, original and homemade costume themes for each group. All who participate in the parade procession, from the youngest to the oldest, dedicate a lot of hours during the year to sewing, painting and, in short, creating the idea of ​​the chosen costume.

The processions make a social point with ironic and black humor, in the purest style of the Cadiz facetious carnival; the floats evoke famous television programs, characters from the social or political life of the islands, anecdotes, myths and legends ... Anything goes as creative inspiration and everyone is invited to see it. Carnival parades are open to the public and organized by the main streets of the most important cities and towns of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and also Formentera. It is an ideal event for going out to take some good photos full of local color.

Come and immerse yourself in the local culture. Come and experience your destination with Prinsotel.
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