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Best price guaranteed

Best Price Guarantee

Booking directly always get the best price guarantee, if you find a cheaper price on another website or agency will match the price provided that the difference exceeds 1% plus you will deliver a gift to your arrival or improvement of your stay.

How to apply the Best Price Guarantee?

1. Make the reservation of our accommodations through

2. You find the same dates, same board type or promotion, same room and same accommodation, with a lower price on another website.

3. You inform us where you found it, by filling out this questionnaire:

4. After check it, we will adjust the price and send you changing your reservation made on the official website of Prinsotel.

Thanks for helping Prinsotel to continue offering the best price!

Your support deserves a prize, as we wrote above, we will make a surprise gift upon arrival at your hotel, or upgrade your stay depending on availability.

These conditions are valid only for bookings of hotel reservations and not to combine flight + hotel.

Prinsotel not liable for fraudulent websites, or virtual agencies offering unauthorized or agreed prices, for that reason we ask for correct data checking and verification of your application.

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