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The Padel Elite in the North of Mallorca

Padel is becoming a very fashionable sport. Easy, fun and full of energy it is a sport that is similar to tennis, but less demanding. Padelstarted out as a jet-set sport, but now anyone can enjoy it no matter how old they are, or what physical shape they are in. It is one of the best options on offer for those who are relishing some well-earned holiday time on Mallorca’s north coast.

Spain has a long tradition when it comes to playing padel, together with countries like Argentina – the birthplace of several major names within the sport – Mexico and Brazil. It is played all year round and there are plenty of official tournaments to compete in.
The sport is still very young as it did not start to spread until the eighties and it is a perfect alternative if you want to take advantage of your holiday to regain that muscle tone you lost during the winter.

All you need is a court and a friend, then you can enjoy an intense and emotional game of padel, a form of exercise that has been proven to have cardiovascular benefits and improves the basic fitness of the player. It also causes fewer injuries than any other physically demanding sport.

Playing padel is easy and you can play it and get better on your own without needing a trainer, which is not the case with tennis. Age is not a problem either and this makes it an ideal sport for your entire family.

The padel court at Hotel Prinsotel La Dorada, located by the beach Playa de Muro – the longest sandy stretch on Mallorca’s north coast – boasts a truly privileged location. At the edge of the Mediterranean Sea it is complimented by other services ideal for getting some sport done during your holidays: a gym, big pools, a tennis court and miniature golf.

Prinsotel La Dorada invites you to reserve a court and show that the padel elite spend their summers on Mallorca. And be careful: it is highly addictive!

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