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A Prinsotel customer, report a scam through the portal

A customer contacts us to verify receipt of the reservation it had made ​​and paid in the website with a lower price than he had seen on our official website, He has called us due to the the inability to contact anyone from this portal and without anybody that could verify the reservation.

In Prinsotel we have attempt to verify this reservation, but it never came into our hands.

After a deeper search by the client and us, this reservation is not sent to Prinsotel.

We ask all customers who want to book one of our establishments previously verify the sales channel is safe and if where any doubt please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Prinsotel have many other good partner, which also made reservations to our hotels and apartments, so if you have any questions, first contact your agency and if in doubt, do us via email to we are happy to assist you.

From Prinsotel we continue to work with our customers and providing quicker and easier reservation system, this year we have launched this new website in which the reservation process is much easier and intuitive, showing the different boards in one screen and make payments securely.

You choose, you enjoy.

But please do not book in fast-hotelbooking.

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