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    Offers for holidays with children in 2016


    Traveling with children will be very, very easy this summer 2016. At Prinsotel we know how important it is to have everything planned and well organised when traveling with kids, so we have prepared special offers for holidays with children in Majorca and Minorca to which you ...

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    Ready to visit Menorca this 2016?


    If your holiday destination for 2016 is Minorca, do not miss a single detail of the video that you can find bellow. Recorded last year, you will see some of the most spectacular corners of this wonderful Mediterranean island and start planning your days in this unique ...

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    Majorca, a unique destination


    Majorca is a paradise. You have probably heard it a million times, but it is impossible to speak about the island without mentioning this characteristic, which makes it the holiday destination of choice for thousands of people around the world. Visiting Majorca in summer is a ...

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    Kite surfing in the Mediterranean


    The holidays are the perfect time to unleash your desires, to take on every project and to discover and enjoy life without limits. It is the ideal time to let yourself go and to dedicate time to all those things that everyday routines and work keeps us from doing. Go for a walk ...

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    Video tour of Mallorca


    Mallorca is chosen by tourists from all over Europe. Not only have a warm and clear sea, come and enjoy the mountains and a wide range of sports linked to nature, discover our native animals, our cuisine, or head to our ancestors with traditional festivals, architecture, ...

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    Give yourself a treat in 2016


    January is already here and also the will to start the New Year making healthy promises and achieving personal goals. It is also the time to start planning the 2016 holidays. If you are not too sure about this year’s destination, we propose treating yourself to a “luxury” ...

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    Alcudia, the historic village of Majorca


    Visiting the northern part of the island of Majorca necessarily implies visiting the town of Alcudia. With its beautiful bay, with a direct connection to the neighbouring town of Pollensa, it offers incredible views of beaches, bays, small mountains and valleys, Alcudia is one ...

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    Merry Christmas


    The best Christmas present will be a holidays in Majorca or Minorca with your family or friends at ...

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    Struggle for life and feed the passions


    And we were no labels on our foreheads where happiness is not charged with money and other with hugs; where there waiting for it comes shortly and shadow is a place that is only found in the West. Gambia, on the banks of the river that bears his name and in the town of Soma, a ...

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    Want to know what your next summer holiday will be like at the Prinsotel Alba hotel?


    Because we want every summer to be completely different, new, unique and full of surprises, at Prinsotel we are already working on the plan to ensure that when you arrive to our Prinsotel Alba hotel you experience an absolute sense of happiness. Now, during the months of autumn ...

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    Welcome to the new Prinsotel La Dorada hotel


    At Prinsotel we do not stop for a minute. Last month, we told you about all the latest news that we are planning for our hotel Prinsotel La Pineda. Today, we would like to tell you in detail everything we have planned to change the look of our hotel Prinsotel La Dorada. Next ...

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    Visit the Port of Valldemossa


    One of the most interesting excursions when you are in the Serra de Tramuntana is a visit to the Port of Valldemossa. Even the road to get there is an authentic attraction: twisting and turning down the side of the mountain until you arrive at a small nucleus of small profoundly ...

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    Autumn health cure


    It is time to look after yourself because soon the cold and harsh winter weather will be here and the hours of sunshine will reduce, forcing us to spend more time at home. Flu, colds, backaches, noise, the city and stress.... Almost forgotten are the happy days of summer, the ...

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    Autumn for two with Prinsotel


    Now is one of the best times to treat yourself to a relaxing getaway for two. All of the Prinsotel teams at our hotels in Majorca and Minorca are preparing to say goodbye to the last days of sunshine with an irresistible special autumn plan, with exquisite local, national and ...

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    Prinsotel La Pineda - start the change


    When summer begins to disappear, the Prinsotel team starts the machinery and begins to think about everything that needs to be prepared for next year, the surprises, changes and proposals that we want to give to you. This autumn we will concentrate on the hotel Prinsotel La ...

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    Cycling tourism in northern Majorca


    If you love cycling and you want to take advantage of your holidays to enjoy your favourite sport, at Prinsotel we can offer you the perfect destination: northern Majorca. Alcudia, Playa de Muro, Pollensa, Ca'n Picafort, Formentor.... An authentic journey on two wheels to ...

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    Cala d'Or, an historic destination


    Cala d'Dor is an emblematic touristic residential area in Majorca, one of the first and best planned. Conceived as a small Mediterranean village with an Ibizan style on the east coast of the island and by the sea, where one can disconnect and relax. In the last few years it has ...

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    Festivals and concerts in Majorca: an entire island to enjoy music


    Summer does not finish in September. We will never tire of repeating this: Majorca is a place to enjoy all year round and this month is one of the most lively. Away from the heat of August, the agreeable temperature of this season prior to autumn, makes it the best time for open ...

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    Prolong summer with Prinsotel


    Oh, September!... Back to school, to work, to routine and home. It is also, one of the best months of the year to travel to the Mediterranean. If you are one of the people who have not yet been on holiday this year, take advantage now to prolong summer with maximum enjoyment and ...

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    Get your Prinsotel gift!


    Get a gift from Prinsotel Easy! Now just by booking directly through our website, you get a a surprise gift. 1 present per room or apartment Gift for all bookings confirmed on For any period of stay For any rate, Flexible or Non Refundable A gift ...

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    Now on Sale! Prinsotel 2016


    You can now book any of our Prinsotel Hotels and apartments. With the best price guaranteed.  Prinsotel La Caleta Suite Prinsotel Alba Select Room Prinsotel Mal Pas Prinsotel La Dorada Apartment The first bookings always get a special price and unbeatable ...

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    The best beaches for children in Majorca


    Majorca is, without a doubt, the most family orientated of the Balearic Islands, providing adapted services for the younger members of the family, leisure activities and charming beaches. It is a first class family destination. This is why you can find places that are a real ...

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    Subscribe to a summer full of fun with Prinsotel


    Coming soon, coming soon! The summer and your long awaited holiday are just around the corner. The kids are already nervous... Where are we going this year on holiday? The question is unnecessary, to the beach of course. If they have to choose they are very clear, fun, bathing, ...

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    Prinsotel Pádel Club, Spain Champion Team


    After qualifying in the preliminary stage of Baleares, held in Palma de Mallorca, to participate in the championship of Spain Paddle third category this weekend was played in Tarragona, PRINSOTEL Paddle Club has won the Championship of Spain in that category after eliminated in ...

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    The great festivals of Minorca, welcome to Sant Joan (Saint Juan) 2015


    This is the start of a great month for Minorca. The beach, sun, the start of summer and ... the long awaited celebration of Saint John (Sant Joan), the patron saint of Ciutadella and an essential summer Mediterranean event, during which time tradition embraces all of the current ...

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    Download the Prinsotel Free Hotel App


    Now, with the new PRINSOTEL-App you can quickly access all the information you need from your favorite hotel destination, anytime, wherever you are, take with you the phone number, address and mail - chat. Current and necessary information for your stay at Prinsotel, a complete ...

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    Advance booking: the best hotel offer for summer 2015


    Yes, the moment has arrived. You cannot postpone it any longer: now is the time to book your summer holiday for 2015, without delay because the best hotels and prices are snapped up early. In order to make it simple and where you can still find good accommodation in Majorca or ...

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    Proposals to enjoy the East of Majorca in May


    The eastern part of Majorca is one of the most active during spring. It is the beginning of good weather, the sun is making itself present with intensity and culture and sport flood the streets of these eastern municipalities that, naturally, enjoy one of the most beautiful ...

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    2 New restaurants at Playa de Muro.


    On May 3, 2015 were inaugurated at Prinsotel la Dorada two new themed restaurants. A new concept of fusion cuisine in a cool environment that increases the quality cuisine in the Playa de Muro, with access from the main street Alcudia- Arta road and direct access from the ...

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    Come live with Prinsotel May in Menorca


    Minorca is an island where you can always find numerous plans to enjoy your holiday, whether it is in spring, autumn or summer. But May, in particular, is one of the most intense months of the year, since the longing for good weather is transformed into countless outdoor ...

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    The best events in northern Mallorca, with Prinsotel


    Majorca is getting ready for the new summer season. The island is getting ready with preparations, and there are dozens of events in all municipalities, including sport, gastronomy, traditions… At Prinsotel, we have prepared a list with the most interesting events for this ...

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    The video of your holiday


    Nothing better than the memories of summer and the illusion of what the future holds to help survive these winter days. At Prinsotel we are working at full capacity so that when you return you will find incredible surprises: new bedroom designs, more and better apartments, ...

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    The advantages of All Inclusive


    Travel without problems, with everything to hand, the best products and hotel services always available with first class attention from the staff. The advantages of All Inclusive, above all when travelling with children, are a luxury. Additionally, apart from allowing you to ...

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    10 plans for an unforgettable Spring holiday


    We are now at full countdown, it is time to book your holiday plan for Spring. Have you not yet decided what you want to do? Read carefully the following 10 proposals that here at Prinsotel we have prepared for you. Surely you will be inspired! Hiking route along the Cami de ...

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    10 ideas to help you enjoy your holiday at Cala d'Or


    It is one of the most emblematic destinations in Majorca. A place that is visited by thousands of tourist from all over the world in order to enjoy the pleasant ambiance, the small bays with turquoise water and white sand and your charming family villa overlooking the ...

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    A year 2015 full of surprises at La Caleta hotel


    We start the New Year full of good vibes, energy and optimism, willing to work hard so that all of you that will visit our Prinsotel La Caleta hotel in Ciutadella, Minorca, can enjoy a an accommodation full of surprises and novelties. The first of the new changes will be the ...

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    Original Christmas present.


    The time has come again, to think about Christmas preparations, family lunches and dinners, plans for the New Year, and of course, the Christmas gifts. This Year again, we search for useful, fun and original presents with which to surprise our loved ones and often, we lack good ...

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    Enjoy the Chill Out experience this summer 2015


    To combat the winter cold, we propose an imaginary journey to what will be your next summer holidays in 2015. Close your eyes and let yourself go. Feel the warmth of the sun on your face, the smell of suntan lotion, the soft beach towel and the sand tickling your feet. Look into ...

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    2015 Luxury holidays in Playa de Muro


    The 2015 holiday season at our hotel in Playa de Muro Prinsotel La Dorada, comes bursting with many news and new facilities. Better accommodations, new facilities for you to enjoy complete relaxation, a greater gastronomical variation and spaces for you to enjoy your free time ...

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    Booking in advance has its rewards


    It is true that, sometimes, it is difficult to know well in advance when we will be able to enjoy next years summer holidays. But, if you are someone who is able to manage and organize, or if you are fortunate and holidays at work are planned in December, do not hesitate and ...

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    On a hike through northern Majorca


    Grab your belongings and let's enjoy nature! During the autumn or spring, there is no better time to explore the routes of northern Majorca. The sun is still treating us to wonderful sunny days in the Mediterranean, but there is no need to hide from the heat. Also, seawater is ...

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    Prinsotel Alba official video


    Watching the official video of Prinsotel Alba Hotel and Apartments, recorded in Cala Dor on June 2014, you will have a quick idea of, how it should be your stay in Mallorca. The video also available in high resolution, it offers a sense of how are the facilities, the rooms, the ...

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    Minorca tastes like of Mediterranean


    At Prinsotel, we continue with our Mediterranean gastronomic Autumn tour. This time, we will be visiting the island of Minorca, a unique natural setting, declared a Biosphere Reserve, and with one of the Mediterranean’s most typical and exquisite gastronomies. Favàritx ...

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    A thousand reasons to return


    You do not need too many excuses to return to a paradise like the Balearic Islands. The beautiful landscape of Majorca and Minorca, the Ibizan nightlife, the welcoming atmosphere of the Playa de Muro or Cala d'Or, the almost magical harmony of Cala Galdana, and the imposing ...

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    Gastronomy for everyone


    Delicious Mediterranean cuisine a la carte, varied buffets with dishes and recipes from around the world, special children's menus, and themed dinners....... In the last few years Prinsotel has worked hard to improve the gastronomy and restaurants at all their hotels in Majorca ...

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    Video ¡This is Prinsotel La Pineda!


    Only 2 minutes to watch the video of the Hotel and Apartments Prinsotel La Pineda and convince yourself that it is a fantastic and very complete establishment to spend your well deserved vacation! Check it out Book now for 2015 and get the best price guarantee Prinsotel La ...

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    Minorca from the coast


    Minorca from the coast invites you to enjoy a different proposal for your holidays. The island offers up to 75 coves and beaches where you can find some of the most beautiful enclaves of the Mediterranean: Cala d'en Blanes, Cala en Forcat, Cala Mesquida, Cala Bosch..... All are ...

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    Video ¡This is Prinsotel La Dorada!


    Viewing this video you understand much better because every year there are more customers who choose to come to this hotel and apartments to spend your vacation, chosen year after year as the best accommodation for families. Book now for 2015 and get the best price ...

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    September is the best month to visit Balearic Islands


    September is the best month to visit Majorca, Minorca or Ibiza. Temperatures are not so high, beaches are less occupied, there is a lively ambience but more relaxed and eclectic, with end of summer fiestas and local fairs and traditions, full of charm and flavour, such as the ...

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    A walk along the Cala d'Or beaches


    If you have chosen to spend your holiday at our hotel in Cala d'Or, here we offer you a selection of suggestions, which will enable you to fully enjoy all the beaches near to this emblematic touristic urbanization situated on Majorca's east coast. What could be more relaxing ...

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    Enjoy seafaring Majorca


    Majorca is an island of many contrasts where you can find a combination of all the advantages of a Mediterranean island, a great city with the facility of movement of one much smaller, mountain villages, extensive plains, fine sandy beaches, rocky coves and small fishing ...

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    The magic of Ciutadella


    Ciutadella is the largest city in Minorca regarding population, and although the administrative capital of the island is Mahon, this seaside town is the main symbol of the true essence of Minorca. Tradition, history and culture fill the streets with magic and offer an ...

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    Hotels with transfer in Majorca designed for you


    Choosing a good accommodation in Majorca is key to be able to completely enjoy the island without sacrificing any comfort. Hotels for families, specialised sports hotels, beach resorts or small boutique hotels for adults, at Prinsotel we are aware that each person travels ...

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    Winner of 3 nights FREE STAY in Hotel and Apartments Prinsotel 2014


    Below you will find the winners of the draw made in 2014 for 3 nights of FREE STAY in Hotel and Apartments PRINSOTEL for 2 People in Room only . ¿Are you one of the winners?. Draws held between May and October 2014 for stays in 2015 The draw has been made between guests ...

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    Hiking in Mal Pas


    If you love nature and outdoor sports, this summer Majorca may be your best holiday option. The island hides unique hiking paths that lead you to unforgettable locations, deserted coves where you can enjoy the Mediterranean Sea and impressive cliffs over which to admire the ...

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    Holidays with children Prinsotel


    Summer is synonymous with holidays, most especially for children. Having them playing around at home, playing in summer schools or send them to a camp are the popular options for these summer months throughout Europe. But, more and more parents also choose to travel with them. ...

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    Summer 2014 with Prinsotel


    We invite you to get to know some of the multiple surprises we have prepared at the Prinsotel hotels for summer 2014: New workshops for children at our hotels with mini clubs in Majorca, personalized attention, complete breakfasts, healthy buffets and special gastronomic ...

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    Escape to Majorca with friends


    Majorca is an island with one to a thousand faces. One of those is the most amusing, rebellious, nocturnal and passionate, which allows you to enjoy equally the hours of sun and the moon, that which allows you to discover an unforgettable sunset, and finishes with a wonderful ...

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    This summer take a trip around Minorca


    Yes there is a way to take a trip around Minorca by using the Cami de Cavalls, (Horse Trail), a traditional track that covers the whole island following the coastline and used originally by the ancient inhabitants, many of them on horseback. That is the reason for the ...

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    5 places to visit during your holiday in Majorca


    Majorca is an island that you can return to whenever you want, where you will always find something new and different to enjoy. For that reason at Prinsotel we have selected 5 essential places to visit if you are travelling to Majorca this summer. Palma One of these places is ...

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    Early Check- in into your hotel room


    In Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments we have coordinated a plan to offer early entry to the room on the day of arrival at the Hotel. As most customers know, the entrance to the room is at 14:00 hours, as the usual delivery time once the team responsible for the cleaning and ...

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    Trip Advisor TRAVELLER´S CHOICE 2014


    Prinsotel la Dorada AWARDED BEST HOTEL FOR FAMILIES OF SPAIN IN 2014 by TRIPADVISOR TRAVELLERS'CHOICE HOTELS In Palma de Mallorca, on March 14, 2014, the Prinsotel la Dorada 4 ****Superior Hotel and Apartments has been chosen as winner BEST HOTEL FOR FAMILIES of SPAIN located ...

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    An Easter week tour of Majorca


    For Easter week 2014 at Prinsotel we would like to propose a really special trip to the heart of our favourite island, an Easter week tour of Majorca, where you can discover the hidden places of this beautiful Mediterranean island. Majorca is much more than just beaches, much ...

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    The four best beaches in Menorca for summer 2014


    Menorca is nature and gastronomy and, of course, beaches. For that reason and so that you have maximum enjoyment of your summer, we have prepared a small list of the best beaches in Menorca for 2014. The accommodation we will supply and you can choose between a fully serviced ...

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    Your favorite cove in Majorca for 2014


    What better way to spend the winter months than planning what you will be doing this summer? Our contribution to all the suggestions and ideas that are flowing through your head while you imagine yourself on the way to your holidays in Majorca, we have decided to write a review ...

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    Two proposals to enjoy Minorca this summer


    Minorca, a Biosphere Reserve, a land of exquisite gastronomy, stylish fishermen and elegant horses, is one of the star destinations that Prinsotel has chosen to offer their guests a different type of holiday in 2014. Cabo de Artrutx. With a complete family apartment hotel in ...

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    Easter in Majorca


    Can there be any better plan than enjoying your Easter holiday on the Mediterranean, on a semi-deserted cove in Majorca, hidden behind white sand dunes, with a good book and listening to your favourite music in the sun? It's possible... and this is definitely one of the best ...

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    What´s new 2014 at the Prinsotel La Caleta


    This year Prinsotel La Caleta offers 4 exclusive "Select Deluxe Apartments", located on the ground floor, interior wooden floors, a large terrace with wooden floors, mini-pool, Balinese bed, outside shower ... * (The Select Deluxe apartments also have the up-grades of Apt. ...

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    What´s new 2014 at the Prinsotel Mal Pas


    Prinsotel Mal Pas returns in 2014 with more glamor, apart from the 8 new Superior Rooms that we add to the 32 presented last year, this year comes with 4 Select Rooms, (parquet floor, 2x2 bed, modern bath with shower screen) and also 2 excellent Junior Suites (with sea view, 2x2 ...

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    What´s new 2014 at the Prinsotel Alba


    This year we will open Prinsotel Alba with 50 of our fully furnished apartments from floor to ceiling, now converted into beautiful “Superior Apartment”, come and enjoy a brand new apartment. All Superior apartments are equipped with a microwave. * Possibility to book Superior ...

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    What´s new 2014 at the Prinsotel La Pineda


    In 2014 after complete renovation of the rooms last year, Prinsotel La Pineda continues to innovate for our appreciated customers, this time with the inclusion of the new Bar DETAPAS. The Detapas kitchen cuisine is a representative of the different and varied snacks and tapas ...

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    What´s new 2014 at the Prinsotel La Dorada


    What´s new 2014 at the Prinsotel La Dorada For this year 2014 in Prinsotel La Dorada we introduce the novelties to be found, we return with renovations and more improvements. Meet our new apartments with private terrace; 4 “ Select Apartment with Deluxe Terrace” located on ...

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    Fill the fridge


    Food is important to Prinsotel. Our aim is to fill your in room fridge with food that you want to eat. The essential for those who doesn’t want to be in a hurry while on holidays and much more on the arrival day. Advertisement Photo of a Filled fridge, read the list ...

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    Holidays with children... guaranteed fun!


    Travelling with children is an increasingly easier experience and a unique opportunity to enjoy the holidays with a permanent smile on your face. Children always manage to transmit that energy they radiate, and inspire us to live to the fullest every minute of the day, every ...

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    A Christmas present with a taste of summer


    The time has come to think about Christmas decorations, family lunches and dinners, plans for the New Year, and of course, the Christmas gifts. Year after year, we search for useful, fun and original presents with which to surprise our loved ones and often, we lack good ideas. ...

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    Sport escapade to the Mediterranean


    The Mediterranean hides unique settings that seem to have been created for adventure sports lovers, with steep cliffs, slender cliffs, spectacular sea beds, beautiful mountains, paths and plains. A million contrasts come together on the shores of this sea, blessed with a perfect ...

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    Thank you again.


    Another year comes to an end and we want to thank all who have visited Mallorca or Menorca and have stayed at some point in recent years in Prinsotel hotels and apartments. This year 2013 again we have doubled direct reservations , so we appreciate your trust and our commitment ...

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    5 destinations, 5 hotels.... Choose your holidays before anyone else!


    There is one day less for your holidays and before you realise, it will be again the time to grab your suitcases and go and enjoy the sun, beach, dinners by the sea, free time, the fun evenings with children, relax and all the wonders that hide behind the magical word, ...

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    Cycle tourism: holidays on two wheels


    Active tourism is the main motivation for more than 15 million travellers every year in the european continent, being cycling one of the preferred sports for travellers, as it offers the possibility of discovering unique spots in a comfortable manner. Majorca coast. The ...

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    The Prinsotel's lowest prices


    We want to inform about the Prinsotel pricing model applied to our hotels and apartments , this Is designed to make customers more loyal , and confident in our commitment to quality benefited with the lowest hotel rates. Photo:Prinsotel Alba new Superior Apartment. So here we ...

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    PRINSOTEL 2014!!


    You can now book our hotels and apartments in Majorca and Menorca. With the best price guaranteed. The first reserves always get a special price and unbeatable. Book your stay for 2014 in Cala Ratjada, Alcudia, Playa de Muro, Cala d'Or or in Ciutadella de Menorca. 2014 Opening ...

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    Golf in Majorca, the perfect getaway


    Now that the sun is not as strong as in summer, golf holidays in Majorca naturally take over sun and beach holidays to the island. Considered as one of the healthiest sports and recommended for any age, golf in Majorca is a perfect alternative to enjoy a few days away from the ...

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    The natural beauty of Mal Pas, Majorca


    One of the most beautiful places on the north coast of Majorca is located in the small natural peninsula that divides the bays of Alcudia and Pollensa, Mal Pas. A region with few buildings and constructions, where the majorcan way of life can be experienced in every corner and ...

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    With you before anyone else


    We have a very nice surprise and we want to share with you before anyone else, here it is. Here are the new apartments at one of our Prinsotel Hotel and Apartments...... Do you want to say which apartments will be those who will have this design and comfort in 2014? You can ...

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    An autumn in Majorca


    Majorca is transformed with the arrival of autumn, the beaches ooze with tranquility, the waters are still warm and the weather is perfect to spend time outdoors, away from the intense heat from the summer months. The island is reborn during the months of October and November ...

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    Alcudia, the ecotourism municipality of Majorca


    Alcudia, as well as being a town of exquisite beauty and medieval charm facing the Mediterranean, is also the largest ecotourism municipality of Majorca. A destination with long sandy beaches and hidden coves, with lush nature that offers one of the most fertile valleys of the ...

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    Holiday on the island of tranquility


    Minorca is the island of tranquility, a recognition that has been rightfully earned, year after year, welcoming thousands of tourists without sacrificing one shred of its simplicity, their quiet evenings, calm afternoons, its unspoilt beaches and the unique natural environment ...

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    Northern Mallorca holiday with children


    One of the better prepared destinations in Europe to enjoy a relaxing holiday with children is the North of Majorca: Alcudia, Playa de Muro, Pollença, Arta, Cala Ratjada... All of them are quiet areas with long and wide beaches, shallow waters with almost tropical temperatures ...

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    Prinsotel's Free towels service for beach or swimingpool.


    Travel light without excess baggage and enjoy your holiday in Majorca and Minorca with Prinsotel because we care for you and your family making you traveling easy and comfortable. You do not need to put the beach or pool towels in your travel bags; Prinsotel provides the best ...

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    Summer in Cala d'Or


    Majorca has plenty of destinations where your plan your dream holiday. One of these is Cala d'Or. Its privileged natural location, on the magnificent east coast of Majorca, make this town in Santanyi a paradise for swimmers, whether it is with the family, with friends or your ...

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    Mahon, Menorca's natural harbour


    Mahon, along with Ciutadella, are the largest populated areas in Minorca. It is a city full of charm, the administrative capital of the island and a natural harbour of the Mediterranean, blessed with some of the most exquisite riches of the sea. Perfect examples are lobster and ...

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    Wifi Hotel in Majorca... show off your holiday!


    Modernisation is a constant necessity in the tourism industry. Travellers are increasingly demanding more commodities and personalised services, and hotels have to learn to provide them. At Prinsotel, we like to know our guests and satisfy the smallest desires, so, this year we ...

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    Winner of 3 nights FREE STAY in Hotel and Apartments Prinsotel 2013


    Below you will find the winners of the draw made in 2013 for 3 nights of FREE STAY in Hotel and Apartments PRINSOTEL for 2 People in Room only . ¿Are you one of the winners?. Draws held between May and October 2013 for stays in 2014 The draw has been made between guests ...

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    ¡Now with your smartphone! Prinsotel mobile


    Prinsotel Mobile ¡enjoy it now!, with a Smartphone. From your mobile, tablet or laptop, access to book, or read the contents of Prinsotel Hotels and Apartments, all you want to see at the moment is much ...

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    Cala Agulla holds its V triathlon


    They are strong, tough, tireless and practice one of the world's most demanding sports: triathlon. Their challenge is to resist an intense event that combines swimming, cycling and running and get there first. Their goal, this time, is Cala Agulla, a Majorcan village that holds ...

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    Cala Ratjada dresses up in July


    The traditional festivities of Majorca are the best way to enjoy the true essence of Majorca. Its lively atmosphere and the joy of its people makes it possible for the visitor to easily integrate and experience the customs of the place as a true local. This month of July, the ...

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    Sail Minorca by kayak


    The island of Minorca boasts 3/4 of its coast line to be completely unspoilt, made up of unimaginable cliffs and soft and thin sand beaches. These unbeatable characteristics make it one of the most appealing places to kayak while enjoying the island from the sea. Kayak is a ...

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    First photos of Apartments Select "Deluxe" on the Prinsotel la Dorada Hotel


    The wait was worth it, and we can finally show the first pictures of these fantastic Hotel Apartments Select Deluxe with private mini pool and super sun terrace, all the extras of an Apartment Select, with much more space, detail and comfort. Here is a complete description of ...

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    Minorca’s San Juan with Prinsotel


    The Festivities of Minorca are celebrated every year on the 23rd and 24th of June: San Juan, the most important celebration combining the tradition and culture of the island, that brings thousands of people to Ciudadela ready to enjoy two days of endless fun and nature. The ...

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    A beach hotel in Majorca made to suit you


    The hotel Prinsotel La Dorada situated at 200m from the beach of Playa de Muro is one of the most complete hotels in Majorca of Prinsotel’s portfolio. Its modern and recently refurbished facilities, among which the sports and childrens facilities stand out, are one of the main ...

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    New communicating apartments


    In Prinsotel La Dorada, designed for large families or friends who want to share their holidays, with up to 8 people together!, when book 2 apartments, we have enabled some called “communicating apartments” to enjoy a vacation more comfortable and connected. ...

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    What´s new 2013! at the Prinsotel Alba


    Following last year's improvement by introducing splash games for kids in the pool, This year our commitment for the Prinsotel Alba is reflected in sports, and then with the good weather of Mallorca you will be able to enjoy the new multisport track that we have enabled for you, ...

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    What´s new 2013 at the Prinsotel La Dorada


    For this year 2013 in Prinsotel La Dorada we introduce the novelties to be found, we return with improvements, renovations, more design and comfort. You may feel the warmth of the new parquet flooring installed with the total reform of our Restaurant Algar, which will continue ...

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    Summer street markets in the north of Majorca


    Majorca has a long history of fairs and markets. They're held throughout the year, on every day of the week and in different parts of the island. While enjoying a holiday in northern Majorca, you can discover some real gems hidden among the dozens of market stalls running the ...

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    Online check-in is already available  in Prinsotel Hotels & Apartments  offered to all customers regardless of how the reservation is made, only has to  enter your information and take advantage of:Benefits of Check in Online• Surprise gift upon arrival.• No ...

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