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Frequently asked questions.

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  • Is there any cleaning day in the apartments?

    Yes, exactly as in our hotel rooms. Cleaning between 6 and 7 days a week and sheets change 2 times a week.
  • ​Do you provide towels for beach and swimming pool?

    Yes, with a small deposit at no cost.
  • ¿Can we get into the hotel bar or restaurant without paying each time?

    Yes, the reception can arrange the credit option.
  • ​When do we have to leave the room the departure day?

    At  11 a.m
  • ​Is there a luggage room?

    Yes, we provide space to leave the luggage on the departure day to still enjoying  the last hours of your stay.
  • ​Is it possible to keep the room until later on departure day?

    Yes, by reserving  only and exclusively online at the official website at the same time of the room booking, alternative  the same day of departure by asking at reception if were available.
  • Is there entertainment for children?

    Yes, in all hotels and all ages up to 14 years as well as for adults. (Prinsotel Mal Pas excluded).
  • Is there a chance of showers once we have left the room?

    Yes a courtesy showers will be offered if they are available.
  • Should we have towels, once we have left the room?

    Yes if you ask at reception.
  • Can we go swimming at night in the pool?

     No, then do cleaning of filters and water with delicate products.
  • ​Can we change the towels in pool?

     Yes, the lifeguard will change them for you.
  • Can you make the room at a certain time?

    Yes, tell reception and try to accommodate your request.

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